The Best Scone in Montréal

The other Sunday, I was strolling around the Plateau when suddenly the hunger pains began to creep in. I have always wanted to try Lawrence Restaurant, but I had never gotten around to it until recently. I walked into the relatively small, and modern restaurant with only the bare essentials (tables, chairs, and a bar) right after 3PM, brunch closing time. The friendly staff informed me that unfortunately, for my hunger, the kitchen was closed. All I wanted was a scone, so I asked if there was anything they could do and without blinking, they offered me a seat on their comfortable couch and the staff was serving me a scone with delicious iced coffee that reminded me of coffee ice cream. They could have easily turned me away, but luckily for my stomach they did not.

I do not usually enjoy scones, as they tend to be dry and lacking in flavour; however, this was not the case with the scone at Lawrence Restaurant. I could eat this amazing scone everyday for breakfast and was dreaming about it for the next week. The scone was brilliant alone, spotted with plump and juicy raisins, but was enhanced with the addition of house-made clotted cream and strawberry jam.


The dish was a spin on the traditional English scone combining the best of both worlds, as it was suggestive of an American biscuit with its flaky texture but still stayed true to a fluffy, lightly sweetened British scone. It was warm to the touch and the perfect base for the accompanying toppings. It was easy to tell that the clotted cream was freshly made as it was looser than the traditional English version, but packed the classic aroma and beads of rich sweetness. The final touch that pushed the scone over the top was the rustic, easy to spread jam with a highly concentrated strawberry flavour. The chef mindfully took advantage of the unbelievable Québec strawberries currently in season.

This scone revealed a mastery of English cuisine possessed by the born and bred British chef, Mark Cohen. Based on the brunch, I will return to the restaurant soon to enjoy dinner and many more brunches. Also, do not neglect to check out the little know boucherie associated with the restaurant located only up the street. At this gem in the Plateau, you enter to the irresistible smell of spices and can find dry aged meats, handmade sausages, and chanterelles to enjoy at home.

Lawrence Restaurant:
5201 St. Laurent Blvd.
Montréal, QC H2T 1S2

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