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For the past several years, food has been my life. I dream about my favourite dishes. I look forward to returning home after a long day to cook myself a delicious dinner. I am always willing to try anything new from an ingredient to a restaurant. As a university student, I enjoy indulgences but also appreciate the good old fashion dives with undeniably good food. In addition to enjoying other’s food, I also love to cook and bake. Working with food provides me with the relaxation I need.

Through this blog, I wish to share my experiences with everyone I can, as food is a way of showing love and celebrating the goodness present in life. I am a unique character who appreciates the fine balance between indulgence and health. It is appropriate enjoy the treats associated with eating out, but when at home, I eat a wholesome diet. For health reasons, all recipes found on my site are low in sodium and for this reason, you will find new and creative ideas to yield flavour without using salt.

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